Giving Thanks

Thank y’all for an amazing month.  When we officially launched UjimaSouth we could not imagine the amount of support we would receive.In just one month we have established a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Plus, we have hosted our first event and are preparing for a panel presentation.  We are so grateful.  Thank you!

Let’s get ready to take 2016 by storm…together.

Our online followers have likely seen us using our hashtag, #igiveblack.  Starting today you can order merch via our website.  What an awesome way to kick off #BlackFriday AND support a black business, right?!? Take a look and place an order today!

Learn with US

On December 2nd, UjimaSouth will launch a series of webinars. This first webinar sets the stage for giving in 2016.   The theme for the four webinars in 2016 is ‘collective giving.’  Collective giving allows like-minded people to pool their resources, research community needs and decide as a group where to invest.  Being part of a group can enrich the giving experience for all. Collective giving is a participatory process that is proactive and can be formalized in a variety of ways including family scholarships, giving circles and volunteer relays. Giving together amplifies the power of philanthropy. Join us by registering for one or all of our online learning opportunities.