About Us

“Growing up in the South, giving was always part of my family — tithes, dinners, scholarships. While I saw change from these dollars being invested in the community, I never thought of or heard of anyone in my family identify themselves as a philanthropist.” Louisiana Client

To transcend the legacy of Black Philanthropy.

Blackwood intentionally chose the word ‘transcend’ to describe its work. ‘Transcending the legacy of Black philanthropy’ acknowledges the long history of giving by, for and within Black communities. It recognizes the historical manner and means of philanthropy that have served Black communities well.  Black giving continues to change and Blackwood is part of that evolution.  The value Blackwood brings to the legacy of Black giving is intentionality around strategy and purposeful change.

Blackwood transcends by:

  • Advancing radical ideas for measurable change
  • Conducting root cause analysis prior to investing
  • Activating all resources for catalytic yield
  • Valuing Black leaders that continuously challenge the status quo

Blackwood is based and focused on the development of Black giving in the Southern United States.

As a client-focused firm, Blackwood designs meaningful giving experiences that maximize the impact of a clients’ resources.

Blackwood Advisors values:

  • Confidentiality
  • Client satisfaction
  • Mindful listening
  • Black dollars
  • Diversity of Blackness
  • Active giving

Our Work
Blackwood could not work with Black givers without our network of partners.  Through referrals to organizations and individuals, Blackwood is able to provide education and strategic direction to Black philanthropists across the south.