Blackwood provides client-focused advising and educational services to Black givers.  Meaningfully designed giving experiences are created by working with clients to match their giving with their authentic selves and maximize the impact.

“Working with Blackwood helped me clarify my role as a board member and I am now considering a leadership position, participate in my company’s corporate match and get other colleagues involved in the organization’s annual fundraiser.”
Mississippi Client

Client services are tailored to meet the needs of the individual, family or corporation.  Examples include:

  • Active client and corporate advising – Contracting with HR departments to guide employees in aligning their giving and career goals

  • Customized giving plans – Working with a family to design an annual plan to maximize their  volunteering and financial contributions in their community

  • Educational opportunities – Presenting at conferences, hosting webinars and facilitating discussions on giving topics and IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and access)

  • Foundation advising – Consulting with foundations seeking to expand the impact of their giving in the Southern United States

We work directly with clients and in partnership with their wealth managers and/or financial planners. For more information or to set-up an initial consultation contact 

Community Service:
 Historically Blacks in America have seen their philanthropy grounded in the faith community.  Honoring that giving legacy, Blackwood dedicates ten percent of its educational services to faith leaders and faith-based institutions.  Based on the belief that this commitment is an extension of the values exhibit with each client.

If your faith leader or community is interested in receiving educational services please contact